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Comments (9)

Ekim - 25 May '15 11:24

Dacht dat deze al met pensioen was inmiddels...

mudpuppy - 25 May '15 16:21

This lady is always a favorite of mine, but this is one of the hottest sexy shoots of her that I can remember. Lord I wish she was posing for me by my pool! Perfect for me in every way, come back soon honey.

D B Cooper - 25 May '15 23:46

Thank you mudpuppy for finding the "missing" photos....

Miela is Nasty - 26 May '15 17:34

She's looking more and more like a man. Tits are getting floppy too. Pass...

Jon R - 27 May '15 05:08

No.1 blondje. Paar kilootjes erbij (zoals ze voorheen was) en ze is nog mooier. Iets vollere vrouwen rule!! Wel met de nadruk op iets.

Pollie - 27 May '15 09:29


Yeah like you would pass if she stands in front of you....ROFL

Miela's a masculine, ugly, whore - 27 May '15 16:39

@ Pollie

Absolutely. Not all men are desperate.

Jon R - 27 May '15 17:39

If you would pass if she spreads that perferct pussy for you. asking you to fill it up you're not desperate indeed. But you can start doubting if you might be gay. smile

jps - 27 May '15 23:27

Damn! Zij is zó ontzéttend lekker!!

En ik vál niet eens op blond...!