Milla - Wanna Play ?

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Predator - 27 Oct '16 10:56

Da is een mooie dame

rukkertje - 27 Oct '16 11:31

Predator ze zijn hier allemaal even mooi.

Ik ben er nog nooit een lelijke dame tegen gekomen gewoon goed.

Daan - 27 Oct '16 14:00

Ik weet nog wel een leuk spelletje ...

georgeviii - 27 Oct '16 16:04

Mila Azul

Muff Muncher - 27 Oct '16 16:41

Her pussy looks absolutely delicious!!

Erik - 27 Oct '16 19:05

Wat een lekkere, kleine, gezwollen lipjes.

Just Saying - 28 Oct '16 16:55

OMG!! This young lady & her pussy looks as fucking good as Caprice!

Chris - 30 Oct '16 19:48

Lol.. Blijkbaar zijn de foto's beter dan de video die hier op 23 oktober 2016 werd gepost smile Link :

Mayoite - 10 Sep '17 21:36

While they continued to press their lips together and their tongues swirled, Mr. Grant concentrated on her breast. In response her nipples hardened more, jutting and jabbing at her bra as their ache made her cram herself harder and harder into his hand. Her fingers grabbed at his shoulders, her body starting to wiggle with the heat simmering through her.

As they continued to share passionate kisses, she instinctively shifted her position upon the couch. Laying back she kind of snuggled into its corner. Her one foot remained on the floor while her other was drawn up so her leg lay across Mr. Grant's lap and the foot itself dangled in the air. The maneuvers caused her clothing to become mussed. Her prim skirt no longer lay modestly over her thighs but had ridden up to expose inches of previously covered flesh. Also her once snuggly tucked-in blouse was now partially untucked and loose.

After a few more minutes Mr. Grant broke their kiss. Pulling back he gaze down upon her lovingly.

Mila's heart raced as she half-sat, half-lay there before her friend's father while he fondled her breast. Nibbling at her bottom lip she nervously returned his gaze from under heavy lids, her green eyes smoldering with her growing desire.

His one hand slipped away from the back of her head. As it slid down toward her chest his other stopped massaging her breast. Mila quietly mewed with the loss. Then his two hands began unfastening her top's buttons and her breath caught as she watched him start to reveal her.

Being careful not to pull the top open, his fingers deliberately undid the buttons, working their way down one after another. While doing this he gazed adoringly down upon the sight they slowly exposed; the teasing glimpses of her flesh and the inner curves of her breasts, her simple, white cotton bra cradling them. After undoing the last exposed button just above her skirt he paused for a moment, his eyes crawling back up to the rise of her breasts. Then he opened the top, folding its two halves aside.

Mila's shallow breaths were evident in the way her pert tits rose and fell within that simple bra. Her swollen nipples stood out clearly beneath its soft material. Below them her flat tummy trembled with the electricity sparking along her nerves.

Settling his hands at her sides he held her, his eyes crawled over her again, his pleasure obvious in their glint. By gently tugging at her he coaxed her to raise up. He leaned in and their lips met once again. As their tongues resumed their duel one hand slipped around to her back to unhook her bra through her blouse. As it slipped back around to the front it slid under the loosened bra. His fingers danced over the delicate flesh of her breast with a soft touch that was nearly non-existent. They fluttered across her nipple, sending jolts of electricity shooting out from the sensitive nerve-endings to the deepest depths of her body.

Her embers began to glow red-hot with the heat sizzling within her loins. She panted . . . quietly mewed. Her body softened and he allowed her to lean back into the corner again.

His hand covered her tit. As his fingers splayed out to cup the firm mound his palm flattened over her swollen nipple. Then his fingers tensed, squeezing it with a firm gentleness, his palm rubbing against her nipple.

The ache that had been awoken within her tits responded to the attention, making her whimper excitedly. Waves of passion washed through her. Her back arched, shoving her tit into his hand.

He massaged the mound for several long minutes while they continued kissing passionately. With every tensing of his fingers the ache flowing through her body increased, fanning the glowing coals of her desire.

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