Raena - Yaneji

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Pierre Noel - 24 Dec '16 08:11

I'd love to find this under my Christmas tree.

Raul Castro - 24 Dec '16 11:16

Optimist this is one of the wow girls

stud - 24 Dec '16 12:42

Pretty face, perfect tits and a great ass: the perfect Xmas present.

Cameron - 24 Dec '16 13:17

Sorry,I am an autist and that's the reason I speak English.

Bananaman - 27 Dec '16 15:43

Stunning... More please

Invictus - 08 Feb '17 20:01

Raena, your pictures make me want to take a trip to Latvia. I would love to roll around in that bed and get really inventive with positions and ports of entry. Just absolutely beautiful!

Mayoite - 30 Nov '17 19:09

She stood up and took of the shirt and went to her bedroom to get the wrist cuffs. Returning seconds later with the cuffs in her hands. He was still seated in the living room only he had removed his own clothes and was now naked. His body was even more impressive to her in person. He was well muscled. When she looked down and saw his cock, she gasped. It was even bigger than she imagined, and well shaped. The head being very large, at least 3 inches across at its widest. It was the largest cock head she had ever seen. His shaft was long probably 6 inches and that combined with the2 inches of the head made it huge. Suddenly she knew that the small anal plug was not going to be enough, hopefully he wouldn't be putting it in her ass. Glancing at his cock again she couldn't wait to get it in her mouth. To feel it in her lips. But she knew she had to be patient.

"Get on your knees in front of me." he commanded her.

She obeyed handing him the cuffs. He started with the right side first, putting the cuff around her wrist and then attaching the short chain to the right nipple bar. The distance between nipple bar and wrist was a mere 4 inches. She had to keep her arm bend and her wrist at her side next to her breast to not pull out her nipple. He then attached the other side and put the chain in the same position. It was adjustable and he seemed satisfied with the position of her arms.

"How does it feel" he asked her.

"Exciting she said" trying not to move to much but enjoying the tug on he nipples as she breathed and go used to how to hold her arms.

He stood in front of her, his cock right there. If only she could grab it she thought. Seeming to read her mind he stepped forward and lifted her chin. "I know you want to suck on this." he said pressing the tip of his cock to her lips. She immediately parted her lips opening her mouth wide like a bird waiting for a worm from its mother. He let her lick the head. She ran her tongue up the small crevice in front tasting the small amount of precum that had found its way there. She licked it up and slowly starting swirling her tongue around the head. Opening wider she started trying to get the head inside her mouth completely. "Its so big" she thought to her self as she opened even wider to fit it in. Her lips stretched over the head and she slide it in her mouth. She choked a little as her mouth covered the head of his massive cock.

He let her get it in her mouth and enjoyed the feeling of her tight lips around his giant cock head. She amazed him by getting his shaft started in her mouth as well. He could feel her teeth scraping the head and then he could feel the texture of her throat and she continued sliding her mouth over him. She was as good a cock sucker as she had described online. She started moving her mouth up and down over him, sucking and licking. Pausing occasionally to take a breath thru her nose. Her hands started to move up to take hold of it but stopped suddenly as she spit out his cock and let out a quick screech. She had forgotten about the nipple bars and had pulled her nipples trying to grab his cock.

"Oh shit!" she thought as she fit it in her mouth. It filled her mouth completely but she wasn't going to stop. She held her breath and got it in her mouth. She loved how it felt completely filling her mouth. Sucking and licking for a few minutes she reached for his scrotum and shaft. Suddenly there was a sharp pain in her nipples, it burned and her tits raised up. She spit out the cock and let out a screeching noise. Waiting a second she immediately started licking her cock again. She did not want him to get upset. She licked all around it, flicking the tip and even putting the tip of her tongue into the small hole at the end. She slid her tongue down the length of it using her mouth to lift as she kept her hands close to her nipples. She could feel it getting warmer. Putting her mouth to his scrotum she sucked in his balls. Then moving back to the shaft. She kept going hoping he would let her taste more. He reached down and grabbed her head putting it over his cock while she opened her mouth and stretched her lips over it again. The feeling of her lips over his cock sending waves of pleasure to him. He knew he was close. She licked and sucked his head until he knew he was going to cum. Holding her head tight he arched his back and slid his cock in her mouth hitting the back of her throat as he came. A long stream of hot cum shooting out and down her throat. He kept it there for several seconds before finally pulling his softening staff out of her.


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