Suzanna - Dyvatum

Comments (7)

schaamhaar kapper - 02 Mar '17 11:26

Zonder broekje of jurk ziet ze er beter uit vind ik.
Lekkere gladde poes zo te zien. Top

Poetin - 02 Mar '17 15:40

Geen toppertje!

Invictus - 02 Mar '17 15:43

I didn't know that Suzanna had come out of the closet!
Suzanna's body is okay, but there's something about her squarish face that I find less than attractive.

You sound like you're applying for a job - 02 Mar '17 18:59

Ironic. There's something about your squarish daily musings that I find less than attractive.

Rayke - 02 Mar '17 23:01

Heerlijk en ook haar lingerie keuze !!! wink

Invictus - 03 Mar '17 01:56

@ YSLYAFAJ Quite an acronym
Sorry for being so critical of your sister! Speaking of irony and jobs ; are you both working in the same industry?

10mAP - 06 Mar '17 00:58

Thanks to the editors for featuring a woman, an actual grown-up woman who could not be mistaken for a high-school girl. A exceptionally beautiful lady in every way.

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