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Comments (4)

Poetin - 13 Mar '17 12:27

Lieve schat,
Je moet helaas naar de herkansing!!

Frankie - 13 Mar '17 19:29

Prachtige mooie dame, toppertje!

Invictus - 14 Mar '17 00:06

Leonie appears very excited to receive a red rose, as she imagines taking her benefactor's girth into her mouth. What a lush set of upper and lower lips, a cute little nose and pretty little titties to satisfy the appetite of any aroused male. I hope she can wait until I get home.

Invictus (the real one) - 14 Mar '17 03:00

With Leonie, it's not the years, it's the miles. Next!

I see that my well spoken but misguided troll has returned! Perhaps you might not just cut and paste my previous commentaries, but rather try to be original.