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ice - 15 Mar '17 08:19

Slechts 10 pics?

Jerkov - 15 Mar '17 09:38

Oeps.. gefixt smile 24 weer nu

Invictus - 15 Mar '17 15:02

Not very pretty, but when you get to see it, she has a nice slit. Just okay!

Muff Muncher - 15 Mar '17 15:14

Love her sweet pink meat!

Daan - 15 Mar '17 16:43

#20, waarom kiezen?

raul castro - 15 Mar '17 17:36

dear Invictus , if all man love the same girl and find it pretty : what a chaos will be !
for me she is nice and her body is nearly pefect .......WOW

Invictus - 15 Mar '17 18:52

@ raul castro
You have made a good point my friend. I like to see diverse girls here and that gives everyone someone who appeals to him.
I just don't find women with a large proboscis (which this lady has) very attractive. Each to his own.

Bond 007 - 16 Mar '17 06:35

I guess I don't understand you Invictus..... I mean I've heard of kinky sex but honestly my sexual activities has nothing at all to do with the proboscis.

Johnny - 16 Mar '17 07:24

Rank figuur en een volle doos met geweldige lippen................die mag met mij het bed wel delen.

Invictus - 16 Mar '17 15:11

@ Bond 007
I guess I don't understand you either. A woman's face and attitude have a lot to do with whether she turns you on or not. This woman's face is not at all appealing to me and I am wont to cover it with a paper bag during sex, so for me she is a no.

If however you don't accept this, perhaps her nostrils are big enough for you. LOL

Bond 007 - 18 Mar '17 08:00

Invictus are you not a human male?

Being aroused?

I am betting that I can have the ugliest looking woman with a nice body stand naked in front of you and you'd still get a boner!!!

So quit your lying....... You'd fuck this girl with your own dick without the need of a paper bag and enjoy every minute of it...

Invictus - 19 Mar '17 02:02

@ Bond 007
As a famous secret agent, you must have developed a taste for the finer things in life. Surely your sense of taste would not permit you to make this woman a Bond girl. Perhaps, she could Caddy for Goldfinger, but I would never be that horny!


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