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clouclou - 21 Apr '17 11:12

ferm wijveke

Tom - 21 Apr '17 12:39


Poetin - 21 Apr '17 15:05

Mila Azul is een aantrekkelijke babe met een uitnodigende poes

Poetin - 21 Apr '17 15:07

I like your text!!

Frankie - 21 Apr '17 17:35

Ze mag gerust bellen, ik ben er klaar voor

Invictus - 21 Apr '17 17:57

Mila remains as cute as ever swishing around those fun sacks while waiting for a taker.

@ Jerkov
I can see I was away for awhile and someone has absconded with my moniker yet again. It's not as offensive as the last numbers of abductions, but such sophomoric activity need to be discouraged.

Sorry Poetin this was not my limerick and I am sure it was not an original penned by this pretender either, especially considering that he doesn't even have the fortitude to use his own name.

benjan - 23 Apr '17 18:28

Egy ilyen csajnak járna egy normális helyszín, és egy NONamateur (!) fotós smile