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Air of Spring

Although is not winter yet we're looking forward to a new spring with new outdoor sex opportunities...
Comics | 09 Nov '18 | Jerkov reageren

Going out with Selen

In today's comic we're going out with Selen, who gives two guys in a car the night of their lives...
Comics | 02 Nov '18 | Jerkov reageren


In today's comic, artist girl Prudence is desperately in need of new projects. But today seems to be her lucky day, as a beautiful job is offered to her...
Comics | 26 Sep '18 | Jerkov reageren
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The dentist

the dentist
Nobody likes to go to the denstis. But the patients of this one will go every week if the get the chance...
Comics | 20 Sep '18 | Jerkov reageren

Jonas' dreams

In todays' comics we're following Jonas, a security guy at an advertising company, having some wild dreams of a wealthy future...
Comics | 17 Sep '18 | Jerkov reageren

Latin Lovers

In today's comic we're watching the adventures of three italian friends, hunting together for girls to play with...
Comics | 11 Sep '18 | Jerkov reageren

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Angel Baby

With a little luck there's always a guardian angel to protect you in bad situations. And with a little more luck she's nog only there to protect you...
Comics | 01 Sep '18 | Jerkov reageren

Minerva gets spritual

When Martha takes her friend Minerva to her spiritual guru, she warns her it's not about sex. As if that makes a difference for nymphomaniac Minerva...
Comics | 12 Jul '18 | Jerkov reageren


In today's comic, the writer has quite a discussion with his main character to make her play her roll and fuck. Just as we expect from a comic on this website...
Comics | 06 Jul '18 | Jerkov reageren

The customer is always right

For a customer bookstore owner Rita, an icecold bitch, finds a very rare book. A book we also would like to get our hands on...
Comics | 25 Jun '18 | Jerkov reageren

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Family Reunion

Family Reunion
After a long time the family in today's comic is together. And of course they're all curious what everybody is doing these days. It probably is a good thing they won't see the images that come with the stories...
Comics | 19 Jun '18 | Jerkov reageren


The student in today's comic got his diploma today. First thing he does is go to his fiancee to get his reward...
Comics | 13 Jun '18 | Jerkov reageren

Construction Site

Women can get quite some attention from the working men at the construction site. And as long as there's mothers like the ones in today's comic, enjoying it, we won't expect it to change soon...
Comics | 06 Jun '18 | Jerkov reageren

Supermarket Boys

When two guys get the keys from an appartment for one night, they decide to take their chances and ask two milfs from the supermarket for a foursome...
Comics | 01 Jun '18 | Jerkov reageren

History of Prostitution

They say prostitution is the oldest profession on earth. Today's comic confirms it...
Comics | 12 Apr '18 | Jerkov reageren

The Race

This weekend a new Formula 1 season starts with the Grand Prix of Australia. The couple in today's comic have their own race day...
Comics | 22 Mar '18 | Jerkov reageren

Private Diary of a Supermodel

In today's comic we follow the stellar career of model Maryann....
Comics | 05 Mar '18 | Jerkov reageren

Make Love Not War

If men fucked more there'd be less wars. Thets the theme of today's comic...
Comics | 24 Feb '18 | Jerkov reageren

Gloria casting

pornstar auditie casting
Gloria wants to quit her job as a waitress. She loves sex, so maybe a career as a pornstar is something for her...
Comics | 13 Feb '18 | Jerkov reageren

Holiday love

In today's comic we learn that a holiday love can make for a pleasant surprise when holiday is over...
Comics | 28 Jan '18 | Jerkov reageren
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