Lija - Vestra

Comments (9)

Bond 007 - 04 Mar '16 09:02

This girl is fugly...

Fidel castro - 04 Mar '16 10:48

yes fugly but nice tits and an red pussy

Jizzpainter - 04 Mar '16 11:01

Super pretty and a very hot body!

jussuf - 04 Mar '16 13:08

Hässlich ist anders ich finde sie hübsch

Just Saying - 04 Mar '16 16:51

Bond, you wouldn't call her fugly if she had your dick in her mouth.

Fidel castro - 04 Mar '16 18:08

OK nice If all man like ( love ) the same girl , it will be war smile
so if you find her nice , I have not to do the same smile
so nice and nice or ugly and ugly are not the same

Fidel castro - 04 Mar '16 18:10

I mean she is not soooooo nice but also not ugly smile

FC - 04 Mar '16 18:12 I find her nice

Professor Marvel - 04 Mar '16 20:03

Fugly? Aw, who cares, I'd still fuck her. The only time I evre give one of these girls a "thumbs down" is when there is just absolutely no way I'd ever fuck her, no matter how much I'd been drinking. When I see someone has given Zelda or Caprice a "thumbs down", I automatically know he's gay and I wonder what he's even doing on this website.

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