Katya Clover - Tecimel


Comments (9)

Vinictus - 12 Apr '17 09:15

what's it gonna be today invictus? some 3 or 4 line horseshit sales pitch about how she baroque your heart?

Just someone - 12 Apr '17 14:53

Doesn't matter what Invictus has to say about it... The guy who can put his dick into this girl, is one lucky son of a ...

Invictus - 12 Apr '17 15:17

Yo troll, Clover is a stunning babe and since the only you have taste is in your mouth, it explains your lack of taste.

By the way troll boy, perhaps a more suitable fake moniker for you would be Sphincter, because that where you speak from!

Jerkov - 12 Apr '17 20:41

Guys, guys. Relax!
Be nice.
Just enjoy the girls.

Invictus - 13 Apr '17 03:24

@ Jerkov
My friend, I would love to relax and enjoy the girls, but this troll who once again used my moniker @18:51 seems to think that this site is all about his pathetic personage and not the fine ladies who put on such a great show for us. Perhaps a ban of this douche bag would be in order!

Jerkov - 13 Apr '17 11:43

@Invictus: I removed the fake-you comment and will keep an eye on it wink


Invictus - 13 Apr '17 14:50

@ Jerkov Thanks for removing the smear that the troll put up. If you have the time, you could see that this phony poster and his IP address have been doing this under numerous pseudonyms for the last 2 months. It would be great if we could just comment on the ladies, rather than having to focus on a twisted personality who revels in slandering others.

ILP3465 - 13 Apr '17 18:49

Beyond the banter .....Another excellent photo shoot of Katya Clover. She is one of the top adult models on the net!. Thank you Katya ( and Jerkov) ! Please post more photo shoots of Katya Clover (a.k.a. Mango)!

Mick - 14 Apr '17 17:49

Well I just think she is a beautiful lady.


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