Tempe - Ledda

Comments (8)

Erick - 18 Sep '17 08:14

Aan die lipjes kun je heel lang sabbelen.

RedCode - 18 Sep '17 09:19


raul castro - 18 Sep '17 11:03

i like this flaps - WOW Girl

Doggy - 18 Sep '17 11:14

Wip kontje

Kuttelikker - 18 Sep '17 17:42

Lekkere kutlippen...........die wil ik uren proeven en verwennen.

phov - 18 Sep '17 21:07

yep yep yep yep

Mayoite - 18 Sep '17 21:24

I have been observing this gorgeous European coed on the beach for a few days. One day her boyfriend leaves her alone to go fishing with his buddies. I walk boldly up to her and strike up a conversation. I see that she is taken aback and impressed by my older man confidence and charm. Without asking I take the tube of suntan lotion from her and offer to oil up her back. Soon I am lathering that silky smooth skin and my cock is stirring to life in my shorts. I reach around and boldly cup her tits and pinch her nipples while pretending to get the lotion into the firm flesh. She gasps at my audacity but by this time I have worked her tight little short down her smooth thighs and I'm easing my fingers, first one then two into her tight little pussy. I began to fuck them firmly into her wet cunt and push her face down into the checkered blue and white mat so her butt sticks up into the air. My cock is iron-hard now at the thought of fucking this young slut with the pretty face and the grey-blue eyes and the smoking hot body.

Lucky - 04 Oct '17 04:00

I love that meaty little pussy!!!


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