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Erick - 26 Sep '17 11:19

Lekker figuur!

raul castro - 26 Sep '17 13:12

i say WOW

Dick - 26 Sep '17 16:54

I second that WOW! Two thumbs and a raging hard dick UP!

barney - 26 Sep '17 16:55

oh my god im in love

Mayoite - 08 Oct '17 08:52

"It's okay," she whispers into my ear. "If it's what you want." Then I feel her tongue sliding over my ear and it's like a surge of released desire rolling through my body. I shiver slightly and then my hands are on her sides, her cool, soft skin against my palms, feeling that young body moving against me. She's whispering the lyrics into my ear, her breath hot and moist on my ear.

She wraps a leg around my waist and starts to buck her hips against me as the song breaks into the erratic solo and my hands grip her ass, flexing through the tight mini skirt, and I pump my hips back at her, as we move together in a purely sexual motion. She leans her upper body away from me, her head tilting back, her hair dangling towards the ground, her hands gripping my shoulders, and keeps pumping her hips against me. I watch her body thrusting in front of me, my hands moving to grip her pulsating waist, pushing my hips back at her, really getting into it, lost in the feel of this young woman, so vibrant and alive, forgetting my wife, my son, everything.

She whips her head back up and her hair lashes my face. She twists her head and throws her hair back over her shoulders and then presses her lips to my mouth, forcing her tongue between my lips, and our mouths are open, kissing deeply, her hips grinding against me, her hands down gripping my ass to pull me against her with her leg wrapped around my legs. She jams herself against me and her crotch is rubbing against my dick and I'm feeling so frantic and horny that I want to pull it out and put it inside of her right there, penetrate her standing there in the living room. Her breathing is harsh and fast as we kiss, our tongues probing, and I slide my hands up her body over her bare lower back and back down her sides to her waist.

The song fades to its end and she pulls her mouth away from me. She stares back at me, those green eyes, wide and glassy with lust, her lips turned up in that pretty sneer, and she slides her hands up and down my chest and stomach. I barely notice the next song starting as she grabs my shirt and I lift my arms up as she pulls the shirt over me and drops it on the ground. She stares at my chest and stomach as she rubs her hands across the bare skin. She presses her lips to my chest and then slides her tongue down to my stomach as she starts to squat in front of me. I watch her bending down, looking down her shirt at her full breasts, as she slides her hands over my stomach and then over my boxers. She reaches into my boxers and I moan as she grabs my dick and pulls it out.

"Hmmmm," she says, staring at it, as she rubs her fingers across it. "You are hard-up aren't you?" she says, looking back up at me. I can't say anything back to that as I wait for her to do something just to relieve the tension. She smiles at me as she grips my dick and slides her hand up and down it, her fingertips rubbing underneath the head. "Does that feel good?" she says to me, obviously enjoying driving me wild.


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