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Real Girls 3233

Op deze laatste werkdag van de week hebben we een blondje aan de snorkel, een brunette motormuis en we sluiten af met een lange blondine uit Zweden. Met welke Real Girl ga jij vanavond het liefst naar de #vrimibo ?

Wie is de lekkerste van Real Girls 3233 ?

Real Girls | 17 Nov '17 | DonPorno

Comments (5)

Doggy - 17 Nov '17 12:35

Dame nummer 3
Prachtige foto's met een mooi standje voor Doggy.

Swedestan is dead - 17 Nov '17 20:58

Girl3 is not Swedish (now there are only awful muslim, burka covered cows) but she is from Poland - check the newspaper and lord of the rings "thing" it is written "druzyna pierscienia" on it which is clearly in polish...

Chris - 17 Nov '17 21:27

@Swedestan is dead I don't know. I prefer to see female nude but she is also fucked hard by a guy. See pics -->

Detective Baltazar from Swedestan - 17 Nov '17 22:24

Chris-I don't see your point. Is the fact that she is beeing fucked by a guy makes here more swedish than polish? He doesnt look swedish at all and there more "evidences" that things are going on in Poland like the calender "kochaj zycie". I know both countries and I can certainly say that none of the swedes would stop in a shithole whit rags, furnitures and computers falling apart like the ones that can be seen on the photos... All I want to say is that in my humble opinion she is another example of a fine polish pussy. God bless Poland wink

Father Brown - 18 Nov '17 07:23

Love her feet.