Maxa - Forena

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raul castro - 03 Feb '18 09:06

hej wouderful body , nice flaps and a realy beauty

hornyfucker - 03 Feb '18 14:08


Mayoite - 09 Sep '18 18:21

Maxa appeared to weigh up her options for another moment, then she clutched the damp fabric of her top with both hands and with a swift movement pulled it over her head and free of her upper body. Her hair flounced around her shoulders and her newly exposed breasts bounced gently before him like juice-swollen oranges on the tree. The top she threw to the floor with a dazed, slightly petulant air of 'That what you wanted to see?' Paul's eyes roved freely over her, taking in her slim shoulders and taut stomach, but chiefly lingering on those high, perfect orbs. Her large, rose-brown nipples stood out within pale triangles of bikini-guarded flesh, which contrasted with the rest of her bronzed skin. Their fascinated observer set the phone back on its cradle and reached out with both hands to claim his unexpected prize.

Maxa took a sharp little gasp of breath, as Paul seized the globed flesh of her tits, squeezing to sample her firmness. He caught her perplexed look as she was groped so wantonly and felt a flaring of conscience at using her like this on the back of her moment's madness. But then he recalled the seriousness of her crime, how little she deserved to be let off the hook. And here he was doing just that, for the price of a little free time with her lissom young body. Yes, here he was, his shower-time fuck fantasy having suddenly metamorphosed into flesh and blood reality, as if the sheer power of his lust had conjured her out of nothing. Didn't he owe it to every frustrated male who wanked solo in the shower to stick it to this hot little thief? To stuff his manhood right inside her on behalf of their hard, deprived dicks? Fucking right he did. He tightened his hold and kneaded the two handfuls of supple tit-flesh until their owner moaned.

'God, your breasts are beautiful,' he breathed, squeezing the ripe fruit to further accentuate Maxa's big nipples. He sucked on them in turn, sucked their rubber hardness right into his mouth, so that she cried out a little each time. Then he rubbed his thumbs over the moistened nubs till they were perfectly erect. Responding to the demands of his cock, he dropped to his knees to deal with the rest of her clothing and expose that beautiful body.

Maxa was uttering little confused moans above him and clenching her elbows in front of her recently molested tits, as he slid his fingers under the band of her shorts and dragged them free of her hips. Her pubic mound was tucked away between reflexively tightened thighs under a scrap of blue thong. He paused one reverential, poker-stiff moment before her teen sanctum, then he tugged the panties all the way down past her knees, letting them drop to her ankles, and gazed on the pale strand of tan-line that matched her breasts and the neat strip of trimmed, dark thatch leading down between her thighs. The faintest tang of musky female scent was in his nostrils and, grabbing her shapely ass with both hands, he buried his mouth and nose between her legs, tongue searching.

Maxa gave a frightened squeal and threatened to topple over, as he writhed between her soft labia into the sweetness beyond. Finding nothing else to support her she grabbed the back of Paul's head, inadvertently pulling him tighter against her surprised cunt. His tongue burrowed further into the folds of her deliciously moistening flesh, then he searched upwards and found the fleshy little nodule of her clitoris. It felt suddenly like she was melting into his face, that her body's instinctive apprehension was dissolving into semi-acceptance. He lapped his tongue over her enlarging bud some further moments, as her little starts and cries subsided into what sounded like a long, lip-biting moan. Then encouraged by her response he rose to his feet, pulled her naked body to him and kissed her mouth, long and deep. Her lips and tongue moulded into union with his, but her hands wafted vaguely around his head and shoulders, as if she could not make that final submission to her unexpected fate.

Paul eased his lips from hers and stared at her face in its heat and confusion. 'Get down on your knees.' The instruction was gentle and he stroked her cheek lightly as he gave it, but she seemed to comprehend how desperately he wanted her mouth on his sex. She lowered herself meekly to the floor without a word of objection, as he opened his bathrobe. It fell away from his body and he stood naked and proudly erect before her. She knelt, staring at his arousal, her fingers fluttering around the head and shaft, as if she could not quite believe that her avuncular ex-employer had a cock that got hard, one that got hard for her. 'Go on, sweetheart,' he told her softly, feeling her hot breath on the taut skin of his glans. 'Show me what you know.'

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