Caralyn - Chitane

Comments (7)

Walter - 29 Apr '18 13:54

WOW!!! Very Beautiful

Big Ed Mustafah - 29 Apr '18 22:12

I think I'm in LOVE!!!

Mayoite - 29 Apr '18 22:54

This is my neighbour's sexy young daughter with whom I have been indulging in mutual masturbation for the last month. She wont fuck because she has a boyfriend but I just keep pushing her limits.The challenge is who will make the other cum first. So far she has been winning hands down and for each time I orgasm before she does I have to pay her $100. But I'm getting better at it by jerking off beforehand and taking libido Im crouched above her ass while my thumb probes her asshole and two fingers are sawing insistently into her moistening cunt while she kneels on the sofa with her legs spread to the maximum. Her hands are tied behind her back with plastic ties and she is stroking my lubed cock up and down, up and down, moaning softly and steadily. Though she doesnt know it yet, she is going to take me long hard and deep in her pussy tonight

George - 30 Apr '18 10:54

@Mayote : you dream too much...Am I missed something ?
I don't understand, what role Caralyn play in your story , it's really unfair for her... Take a real life, stop masturbating yourself, find a girl but nobody is interested here about your "business"... Or write a book, if you think you are good enough ; in bed... But I am skeptic... smile ))

Mayoite - 30 Apr '18 11:58

Hey George dude get a life. I am here to post my fantasies and jerk off to them. You can read them and do the same or ignore them as you wish. And there's nothing unfair or fair to Caralyn. She is here to flaunt her sexy young body and cater to the fuck fantasies of older men like us. She knows the game, it comes with the territory, she gets paid good money for it. It is not as if we are physically forcing or raping her. biggrin biggrin

Dick - 02 May '18 14:41

@Mayoite: Thanks for sharing! This tasty young lady certainly got my juices flowing, figuratively and literally! I'll definitely be back for more.

P Raj - 07 May '18 18:24

Provide me her Home Address, surly I will be top of all.

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