Mira - Rimma

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Oester - 02 Aug '18 10:29


raul castro - 02 Aug '18 14:16

NO ! hang man`s are not perfect - youre wrong

Alberto - 03 Aug '18 09:12

Comparatívamente a otras mujeres que deben usar siliconas, le doy 10 pntos.

Mayoite - 05 Aug '18 12:05

I pick up this gorgeous young Slovak actress Mira at a film party in Hollywood. I am an Indian producer looking for a sexy new face to play the role of the hero's foreign girlfriend. She is stunning to look at, and more importantly, hungry to work and willing to do ANYTHING to get the part. After several drinks and some heavy flirting and teasing (these Eastern European girls don't believe in any boundaries) I invite her back to my apartment for more drinks. She accepts the invitation readily and soon we are canoodling on my bed. I strip her down to her sexy black lingerie and greedily drink in every curve of that incredibly alluring body. Her gorgeous blue-gray eyes are dilated, her pretty glazed lips are slightly parted and her superb young tanned tits are mine to finally do as I please with. I insert one long finger into her moist silken slit and kiss her deeply and hungrily my wet tongue raping her sweet mouth. She moans deep in her throat and my cock lengthens to full hardness at the thought of fucking that juicy little cunt. I am going to make her my fuckbitch, my personal whore for the duration of the film, the envy of the whole crew who know that she is off-limits and reserved only for my use


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