Maxa - Beach Day

Comments (4)

Rextor - 29 Aug '18 09:35

Mooi en naturel, dit buurmeisje! Het stopte even met regenen...

Lucky - 29 Aug '18 16:26

Cute young girl ,loves being naked
My kind of babe

Juupke - 01 Sep '18 03:10

Die wil wat van mij ik zie het aan haar en wat zij wil kan ze krijgen iedere dag

Mayoite - 09 Sep '18 17:34

I find this sexy little slut playing truant and skinny dipping at the local stream with her boyfriend. I know she has a promiscuous reputation and is on the cheerleading squad at our high school with a reputation for putting out. I watch from a hidden spot as they kiss passionately while my cock grows uncomfortably hard at the thought of what lies ahead. As their breathing gets heavier and he is about to take off her clothes I step from the shadows and accost them. They are scared out of their wits at the sight of their class teacher. I brusquely send the boy packing with a threat not to mention this to anyone. And now she is all mine. And she knows what I want as a small smile creeps across her pretty face. Roughly I turn her to face the rockface choking her slender throat with my left hand as the smile disappears. My other hand strips off her half unbuttoned Daisy Dukes and finds no panties underneath. Quickly two rigid fingers thrust into that small tight pussy lifting her onto the balls of her feet and I begin to fuck her relentlessly with my fingers feeling her tight body trembling against mine as her orgasm peaks. She is my young fuckslave and I am going to enjoy her so much, my cock is leaking precum into my shorts

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