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jussuf - 12 Sep '18 10:54

sorry ich mag keine Frauen mit Busch.....

raul castro - 12 Sep '18 11:42

OK no busch , she has to be shaved and than she is a BOMB WOW

Chris - 12 Sep '18 15:48

omg Kalisy is so cute ! And I imagine her cheeks become red during her passionate sex !
And her legs, I cannot speak anymore...

Mayoite - 13 Sep '18 11:58

So what am I doing rimming the butthole of this sexy babe with the firm naked tits in my hotel room while she grips the bedsheets and moans passionately through the red lace panties I have stuffed in her mouth ? I stroke my cock rhythmically until it is red, angry and hard, slipping through my fingers slick with pre-cum as I lick and bite her sweet ass and my wet tongue stabs into her anal orifice. Merely two hours ago I was shopping for lingerie for my 25th wedding anniversary in Victoria's Secret. The hot young shopgirl offers to model it for me and the mild flirting turns heavier and heavier until you can cut the sexual tension between us with a knife. No words are spoken as she follows me out of the store at closing time and I lead her upto my hotel room. The horny young bitch wants it as much as I do and I intend to make full use of that delicious toned body all night long