Mya - Lace Bodysuit

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It's me - 28 Sep '18 13:50

is wel een lekker vrijdag middag snackje.
Ik zeg: Kom maar door !

Mudpuppy - 28 Sep '18 16:56

Gorgeous from top to bottom! What MAN could find fault with my-a Mya? XMissy has many PERFECT women grace the site...and Mya is certainly one. Thumbs up!

frankie - 28 Sep '18 21:10

Super mooie meid, heerlijk lichaam, topper!

Misterx - 29 Sep '18 12:22

Zijn er ook filmpies van haar

Mayoite - 29 Sep '18 12:42

Suddenly, the clothing was flying off. The tiny blonde was backing up towards my guest bed, pulling off her top and bra, exposing these very sexy, very small A-cup titties with soft pink nipples. I unbuttoned my dress shirt in record time, pulling it off to proudly reveal my mostly-hairless chest, firm from daily workouts, barely any flab on me. Her eyes devoured the sight of my nude torso when she bent down, thumbs hooked in her pink leggings and panties, removing them too. Now she stood up wearing only white ankle stocks and a red-banded little watch, pushing her long golden hair over her bony shoulder, showing off her perky little titties and wet, shaved pussy. What a teen cunt she had: pink, glistening, dripping, and smelling delicious.

Crawling onto her back on the bed, spreading her creamy thighs to expose her cunt, the teenage blonde watched me remove my pants and underwear, until my seven inches of thick, glorious heaven were sticking out of my flat abdomen. My cock has good thickness, women are always complementing it, and the look on the young slut's face only further confirmed it. She let out a low moan at the sight of the tool I was going to use on her.

Her eyes came off of the sight of my married dick, up my fit chest, to my handsome face. She looked almost apologetic, she was so horny and exposed to a complete stranger. "I can't believe we're gonna do this," she muttered anxiously. She wasn't complaining; she was excited.

Wrapping her slim fingers around her small knees, she spread herself even more open for me as I crawled onto the bed, heading towards her. I focused my sight on her wet, drenched little cunt, dripping with desperation, soaked in her juices. As I neared her body, my mouth watered, I wanted to taste teenage pussy. I hadn't fucked an 18 year old since the week of my wedding (my wife's cousin), I was dying to savor some young pussy again. Instinctively, my mouth planted on her twat, my fat strong tongue powerfully lapping against her steamy wet clitoris, sucking juices into my mouth. She shrieked, her hands grabbed my head, smashing her pelvis into my face.

The young tramp was fucking drenched; my lips and chin were instantly coated in her thick, slick pussy juices. I heard her scream, her body shook and she started gyrating that wet cunt against my mouth. Looking up her skinny body, I saw her little hands grasping her petite tits, she was pinching and stroking her sizzling hard little nipples already.

Shit, she had a tight pussy -- I could feel the walls closing on my tongue, the moment I thrust it inside her hole. Her scream turned into a pitched wail, when she felt my married tongue starting to probe her vagina. But I wanted test just how tight she was, so I pulled my tongue out and -- keeping my tongue planted on her clitty -- I rose my face up, giving my hand room to shove a single, stiff finger into her twat. The girl shrieked aloud again, and I grunted in pain myself, feeling her vice-like young cunt clamping down on my ring finger.

"Fuckin' tight!" I moaned as I lapped my tongue around her clitoris, sliding my ring finger deep into that tight little hole, until my wedding band was against her 18 year old pussy lips. Twisting my finger around, bending it, I teased her G-spot deep in her cunt, making her skinny body tremble, drawing howls of delight from your oversexed blonde tramp.

She sucked in air, then let out a demand for mercy. "Honey," the girl barked at me, "I want your cock -- fuck me with your cock, I need it so bad!"

I'd barely had my tongue and finger inside her pussy, but I wasn't arguing. I pulled out, sucking her juices off of my ring finger, then climbed on top of her body. Her skinny legs were pulled to the sides, her small feet in white socks sticking out to the sides of my body. I positioned my firm male physique over her small teen frame, pushing my swollen erection straight to her cunt. Looking down at the gorgeous whore, the sexy blonde's big hazel eyes were staring at my smooth, most-hairless chest, and my fat erection about to invade her cunt.

"Yes!" She was already begging for it, her eyes gazing down my body to my stiff penis, right against her cunt. "Fuck me!"

I was repositioning my knees, to get better leverage, and her youthful anticipation was making me snicker. "Damn, you little slut, you really need it don't you?"

Dick - 29 Sep '18 18:36

Mia is a young lady of insane hotness. My next ten minutes or so are spoken for!

Hugh Jorgen - 30 Sep '18 00:42

This girl goes by a hundred different names, but she's always worth tracking down.

K.A> - 25 Jan '19 23:55

Hi Mya Lace Bodysuit.
I like your pictures very much and i wunder if you are still singel and i want to meet you in Privat.
Hopefully can it be very soon that we can spend some time together and maybe we stay together for life.

Greetings and many XXXXXX es from Kim Amkreutz.

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