Mila - Purpur


Comments (14)

mick - 13 Mar '19 08:34


raul castro - 13 Mar '19 09:19

dear mick , what is stunning on her ? only the face ! her cunt is ugly and she has hang mans

JPS - 13 Mar '19 10:43

Dear Raul,
I think she is an overall beauty !
I would have to agree with Mick here...

Predator - 13 Mar '19 14:27

very beautiful Girl and beatiful body

Rextor - 13 Mar '19 16:04

There's no accounting for taste and Raul can be quite direct in giving his opinion, but I have to say that in my opinion Zelda for example is way more attractive than Mila. Both girls are blessed with beautiful tools, but Mila doesn't give me as many dirty thoughts as Zelda. It's great that not all men think alike!

yokoshima - 13 Mar '19 17:28

nice shirt

David - 13 Mar '19 17:30

I agree with raul wink

Gilligan - 13 Mar '19 19:20

David and Raul, Seriously now. You mean to tell me that if you were stranded on a deserted island with this woman you would not fuck her? If there answer is "no" then I hope that if you two ever get stranded on a deserted island that it will be the two of you together. At least you'll both have "company".

David - 13 Mar '19 19:44

Of course yes (with her on a desert island), but she's really not my favorite girl.., i'm very picky wink

FapFapFap - 13 Mar '19 19:52

I love large, natural tits on a skinny gal. Add those to her nice hips, tight asshole, tasty looking cunt, and cute face to make her a winning package. I'll gladly take her hideousness off your hands for you Raul & David. wink

Skipper - 13 Mar '19 21:47

Still none better than Zelda.

Mick Meyer - 14 Mar '19 18:52

Ridiculous comments.

benjan - 17 Mar '19 19:50

There's a tale. The fox has grapes before, but is high and does not reach. Then it says: You don't have to be sour! We are the foxes and MILA is the vine - who is sweet, very sweet! But I can (not) taste it. smile smile

Todi - 31 Mar '21 23:28

Women must haves:
Meaty pussy lips
A set of proper nipples

This girl is pretty but I disqualify her nevertheless...


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