Foxy Sofilie - Auburn Curls


Comments (10)

Zwarte Piet - 13 Nov '23 08:37

Kan er mee door, niet spectaculair

BENITO KAMELOT - 13 Nov '23 09:30

When you have a nice looking girl, and you upload low resolution pictures of her

Kees - 13 Nov '23 09:58

Mooi rood en nog lekker ook

Jerkov - 13 Nov '23 10:24

@BENITO KAMELOT: Low resolution? This is the resolution we use every day. It's medium res 2048x1365. I wouldn't call that 'low resolution'. I agree some lack a bit of sharpness, but that has nothing to do with resolution.

Dick - 13 Nov '23 14:08

Delicious. I only made it as far as pic 3... smile

Dog7 - 13 Nov '23 15:15

Pic #7 - Now that is an asshole pucker!

Albino Al - 13 Nov '23 18:59

Low resolution? I don't think that's the problem. My God, she's so pale. She looks like she donates plasma 4 times a week.

Tail Gunner - 13 Nov '23 19:22

That's just gingers man. They're pale. This one looks way too much like my ex wife. As for the resolution thing... I can see all I need to see. Is he trying to see the wrinkles inside the wrinkles?

Mike Litoris - 13 Nov '23 22:22

I just think how her hair would look lying on my pillow and I feel like I'm out of breath. She is fabulous.
That pale skin have a wonderful feature: it feels smooth as silk. Who was lucky enough to have such an experience, knows what I'm talking about. I think I am falling in love

WHW841 - 15 Nov '23 09:32

Niet echt een natural born talent model, niet echt een natural born talent fotograaf. Als je niks beters weet dan een foto als 14. Misschien een off-day.


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