Lillie Pie - See the Light


Comments (10)

Tail Gunner - 14 Nov '23 02:27

Her body is fabulous but she was not blessed with good looks and unfortunately that's a deal breaker for me.

Zwarte Piet - 14 Nov '23 08:38

Prima lijf, mooi glad kutje, maar ze jammer van haar verkleurde tanden. Maakt de uitstraling er niet beter op.

Mrme - 14 Nov '23 08:50

Dit stukje taart wil ik wel opeten hoor!
Prachtige dame met een heerlijk lichaam

GC - 14 Nov '23 10:00

For me, her body is a sensation on every level, flawless skin, lovely pert breasts, great arse and the most perfect neat little pussy. I'll take your share Tail Gunner, I think she is cute and that is certainly a pie I would like a slice off !

Jethro Bodine - 14 Nov '23 13:53

Nice body. I love the way her legs go all the way up to her ass. Unfortunately, I've seen a better face on a clock.

Anargi - 14 Nov '23 14:52

Very nice body! but i really dislike those obvious fake smiles.

Todi - 14 Nov '23 23:56

Average with terrible yellow teeth.

BENITO KAMELOT - 15 Nov '23 08:03

Not ugly that spooks, not pretty that enchants, but has a killer body

WHW841 - 15 Nov '23 09:26

Forse kritiek. Mooie dame, niet direct knap, maar echt geen heks. Gele tanden is 6 seconden in photoshop, meer zorgen over botox. Minstens evenveel foto's met gebakken grijns als met een ontspannen elegantie. Leuk zo'n zo'n gespannen shirt. Stelt niet teleur.

mudpuppy - 15 Nov '23 17:38

I agree with all about the great bod, but I find her face quite intriguing. Tell me you'd leave if she welcomed you home in pic #18 or #25. I do think the photography, photographer and photo selections stink. Give her another chance with a professional!


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