Eve Sweet - Vintage Vibe


Comments (9)

Mike Litoris - 17 Nov '23 00:39

Girl, you went too far with the silicone in your lips! (or hyaluron, whatever you put there...)
You ruined your face line.

Tail Gunner - 17 Nov '23 03:47

That's like complaining about the glove box in a Ferrari.

She can sit on my face anytime!

Just Me - 17 Nov '23 05:40

She has the body of a teenager. Fake smile. We have all seen much better women then her. From 1 to 10, she is 2.

Vrouwenkenner - 17 Nov '23 08:10

Nou, nou, zo erg is ze ook weer niet... Ik zou haar zeker een paar keer dit weekend stevig willen bonken...

Zwarte Piet - 17 Nov '23 08:11

Vanaf de nek naar beneden is het een prima meid, maar qua gezicht is er maar weinig aantrekkelijke expressie.

Storm Ninja - 17 Nov '23 09:45

She is amazing woman, such a goddess.

Todi - 17 Nov '23 10:16

Everything head down looks perfect, she can sit on my face too

GC - 17 Nov '23 10:45

I like the petite little body, but the rest is average for me against much of the competition on this site !

mudpuppy - 18 Nov '23 04:49

Gents, I'd wager that she is dynamite in the rack, perfect little boobs to swing around as she ties you up like a bagel and slithers over you like, like...well, you get it...I'm in on this babe!


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