Lovita Fate - Vibrant Mood


Comments (6)

Tail Gunner - 03 Feb '24 00:34

I like the direction we're going here! Some fresh, gorgeous faces. What an ass and pussy on her too. And toned, in great shape! 10/10

Zwarte Piet - 03 Feb '24 09:14

Vrolijke lachebak, maar niet mijn type.

Mrme - 03 Feb '24 09:23

Prima lichaam al hadden haar borsten groter gemogen. maar uitstraling is echt niet veel

GC - 03 Feb '24 09:59

Stunning toned little body for sure and as you say @Tail Gunner, the pussy is perfection and her arse is a peach.

bob435 - 03 Feb '24 14:26

Can we get something other than bald for a change please.

Mike Litoris - 04 Feb '24 14:27

Interesting staircase. How do I find the name of the engineer who designed it?


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