Elle Tan - Pearls and Lace


Comments (7)

Tail Gunner - 07 May '24 00:52

I wouldn't kick her out of bed, but not my cup of tea. Give me Dominica Jule any day!

Todi - 07 May '24 08:13

She can stay in my bed for a while if she cleans my house when we're done.

Mrme - 07 May '24 08:20

Lichaam is goed en gezicht is ondeugend…. Ze mag zeker blijven

GC - 07 May '24 09:23

Maybe too slim for some, but for me, her body is sensational and totally flawless. Elle can spend as much time in my bead as she likes !! Yummy.

Zwarte Piet - 07 May '24 09:34

Mag hier en daar nog wel wat groeien, maar voor nu een prima dame om eens fijn mee te stoeien.

Joe Biden - 07 May '24 09:53

Deze lieverd is slank maar zeker niet aantrekkelijk

Mike Litoris - 07 May '24 23:44

Exact my kind of woman! Slim and easy to keep in my arms ... and her skin ... gorgeous!!!


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