Tutsi - Cute as a Button


Comments (6)

Tail Gunner - 08 May '24 00:41

She's okay but I've seen hockey players with straighter teeth. biggrin

Zwarte Piet - 08 May '24 08:07

Lekker wokje. Prima te doen.

Mrme - 08 May '24 08:30

Lekkere dame die hem ook in de kontje wilt hebben zo te zien.

GC - 08 May '24 09:12

That is where you were going wrong @Tail Gunner, I wasn't looking at her teeth. haha. I thought Tutsi was rather cutesy with that petite little body.

Tail Gunner - 08 May '24 17:26

Well, she's being way overrated compared to some of the talent here.

Steven Paul - 18 May '24 19:46

Titten: mwoah, Gezicht: mwoah. Binnenslipse regio: doet je het gezicht en de tetten vergeten. Ik zou haar tot bloedens toe suf neuken in beide gaten.


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