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Female Viagra prank

female viagra
We don't know if it really works like this, but it still is hilarious when Ryan from HammyTV puts a female viagra in his girlfriend's drink...
Funny | 08 Feb '18 | Jerkov reageren

Porn on the ice rink

Porno op de ijsbaan
We are in Russia for a moment, where some hackers accessed the TV circuit of an ice rink in a mall to treat the unsuspecting skaters to an 18+ movie...
Funny | 26 Jan '18 | DonPorno reageren
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Banana for a druk girlfriend

This drunk girl shows what she would do with your cock in her mouth...
Funny | 04 Jan '18 | Jerkov reageren

100 People Describe their First Time

Hoe was jouw eerste keer ?
Cut Media asked 100 people to describe how they experienced their first time of sex. Here are the results...
Funny | 29 Dec '17 | DonPorno reageren

Princess Gang Bang

princess machine fairy gangbang
If fairy tale characters had a sex life, Disneyland would probably look a lot different...
Funny | 27 Dec '17 | Jerkov reageren

Show us your O-face

Usually this is not the first question you ask a girl, but when you have a big Youtube channel and a microphone in your hands, you certainly can ask all girls to show you how they look when they have an orgasm...
Funny | 09 Dec '17 | Jerkov reageren


When your girl likes bananas, you give her bananas...
Funny | 03 Dec '17 | Jerkov reageren

Diner with a vibrator

If you notice a girl moaning softly in a restaurant, it doesn't necessarily mean she loves the food. It could just as well be her boyfriend who just turned up the speed of her vibrator...
Funny | 23 Nov '17 | Jerkov reageren

The pizza boy

naked pizza delivery pizzaboy
It must be every pizza boy's dream: A beautiful naked lady opening the door to receive your delivery. The pizza guy in this video is not impressed...
Funny | 21 Nov '17 | Jerkov reageren


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Live webcamsex webcam
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Giant cock in the sky

"Now that's nice, this plane is writing a number 8 in the sky", the maker of this movie must have thought. So he started recording it...
Funny | 20 Nov '17 | Jerkov reageren

Boat rental for pornscene

boat rental porn set
This guy rented out his boat only to find some pornstars on it trying to shoot a pornscene... Luckily for us he filmed some of it...
Funny | 01 Nov '17 | DonPorno reageren

Does waxing hurt ?

They say the most effective way to get really smooth is a brazilian wax. But we can almost feel the pain only by thinking about ripping out those hairs from our most sensitive spots. Let's see how others enjoy the experience...
Funny | 30 Oct '17 | Jerkov reageren

Exciting Fitness exercises

Een hele spannende fitnessoefening
In this excerpt from a Dutch tv-show called Mensenkennis, a wife is put to the test, when her husband meets a fitness instructor who clearly has the hots for him...
Funny | 02 Oct '17 | DonPorno reageren

Pornstar sex toy reactions

We assumed porn stars have seen and felt every toy available. Let's find out if we can surprise hem with some special ones..
Funny | 29 Sep '17 | Jerkov reageren

Jumping on Liz doesn't work out well

faketaxi blooper
There's nog a lot of stunts to perform in porn, but on the rare occasions pornstars have to do it al by themselves. The result can sometimes be painful...
Funny | 25 Sep '17 | Jerkov reageren

Pornhub pornstars read comments 3

Brazzers, Comments
We have another part in the Brazzers pornstars reading mean pornhub comments serie, part 3...
Funny | 25 Sep '17 | DonPorno reageren

Gear shift

pookje gear shift gearshift
Race games are played best with a steering wheel and a gear shifter. Melody Petite discovered the shifter today, and is already shifting gears like a pro...
Funny | 05 Sep '17 | Jerkov reageren

Bestman speech for Danny

danny bestman
For Danny's bestman speech, his friend Thom asked Pornhub for a little help...
Funny | 24 Aug '17 | Jerkov reageren