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Show us your O-face

Usually this is not the first question you ask a girl, but when you have a big Youtube channel and a microphone in your hands, you certainly can ask all girls to show you how they look when they have an orgasm...
Funny | 09 Dec '17 | Jerkov reageren


When your girl likes bananas, you give her bananas...
Funny | 03 Dec '17 | Jerkov reageren

Diner with a vibrator

If you notice a girl moaning softly in a restaurant, it doesn't necessarily mean she loves the food. It could just as well be her boyfriend who just turned up the speed of her vibrator...
Funny | 23 Nov '17 | Jerkov reageren
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The pizza boy

naked pizza delivery pizzaboy
It must be every pizza boy's dream: A beautiful naked lady opening the door to receive your delivery. The pizza guy in this video is not impressed...
Funny | 21 Nov '17 | Jerkov reageren

Giant cock in the sky

"Now that's nice, this plane is writing a number 8 in the sky", the maker of this movie must have thought. So he started recording it...
Funny | 20 Nov '17 | Jerkov reageren

Boat rental for pornscene

boat rental porn set
This guy rented out his boat only to find some pornstars on it trying to shoot a pornscene... Luckily for us he filmed some of it...
Funny | 01 Nov '17 | DonPorno reageren

Does waxing hurt ?

They say the most effective way to get really smooth is a brazilian wax. But we can almost feel the pain only by thinking about ripping out those hairs from our most sensitive spots. Let's see how others enjoy the experience...
Funny | 30 Oct '17 | Jerkov reageren

Exciting Fitness exercises

Een hele spannende fitnessoefening
In this excerpt from a Dutch tv-show called Mensenkennis, a wife is put to the test, when her husband meets a fitness instructor who clearly has the hots for him...
Funny | 02 Oct '17 | DonPorno reageren

Pornstar sex toy reactions

We assumed porn stars have seen and felt every toy available. Let's find out if we can surprise hem with some special ones..
Funny | 29 Sep '17 | Jerkov reageren

Jumping on Liz doesn't work out well

faketaxi blooper
There's nog a lot of stunts to perform in porn, but on the rare occasions pornstars have to do it al by themselves. The result can sometimes be painful...
Funny | 25 Sep '17 | Jerkov reageren


xMissy's Live webcams

Live webcamsex webcam
xMissy's webcamgirls switch on their webcams to show you everything you want to see. Come and have a look at xMissyLive. There's always a girl you like, and everyday new sweeties join the chat.

Pornhub pornstars read comments 3

Brazzers, Comments
We have another part in the Brazzers pornstars reading mean pornhub comments serie, part 3...
Funny | 25 Sep '17 | DonPorno reageren

Gear shift

pookje gear shift gearshift
Race games are played best with a steering wheel and a gear shifter. Melody Petite discovered the shifter today, and is already shifting gears like a pro...
Funny | 05 Sep '17 | Jerkov reageren

Bestman speech for Danny

danny bestman
For Danny's bestman speech, his friend Thom asked Pornhub for a little help...
Funny | 24 Aug '17 | Jerkov reageren

Pornstars read mean comments (2)

Pornosterren lezen reacties voor 2
A few weeks back, we showed well-known pornstars reading the often not subtle, comments on their videos. Today we have the sequel...
Funny | 19 Aug '17 | DonPorno reageren

What's your favorite porn genre

Wat is jouw favoriete porno genre ?
We ask 100 people about their favorite porn genre and also would like to know from you. What genre of porn do you prefer ?
Funny | 14 Aug '17 | DonPorno reageren

Dancing girl fails

Bardanseresje doet keiharde faal
The later in the evening, the more fun it gets! Not for this bar dancing girl...
Funny | 11 Aug '17 | DonPorno reageren

Pornstars read mean comments

Pornosterren lezen reacties voor
We asked porn stars from Brazzers to read mean comments about themselves posted on Pornhub...
Funny | 09 Aug '17 | DonPorno reageren

VR Porno in the subway

virtual reality porn prank
Since internet there won't be much people who haven't watched porn. Still it's a bit embarrassing when other people watch you watching. But not today, as Qpark puts on VR glasses in the subway, but forgets to turn off the speakers...
Funny | 01 Aug '17 | Jerkov reageren

Pornstars Read DMs

Pornosterren lezen DM berichten voor
Pornstars like Jaclyn Taylor, Jayden Cole, Samantha Rome and Cherie Deville reveal the weird DM's they received in the past 24hrs to us...
Funny | 30 Jun '17 | DonPorno reageren