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Comments (8)

tud - 10 Jan '17 10:03

Her tits are great but that hair....

richard - 10 Jan '17 10:53

Beautiful Girl Toppertje

Albert - 10 Jan '17 15:06

Geen toppertje!

buttlover - 10 Jan '17 15:58

simly perfect

mudpuppy - 10 Jan '17 17:09

Looks just like my backyard...Lord, I sure wish it was! She comes up short of perfection with that hair color. Just once I want to see another of her sexy photoshoots, but with a natural-looking mane! STILL a solid thumbs-up!

Nine-inches-of-WOW! - 10 Jan '17 21:52

Her hair has always been that color. I can handle it. There's no way I wouldn't fuck her just because of the way she wears her hair. I guess to some of you picky "Hairdresser" types out there it would rate a "thumb's down".

Stierke - 11 Jan '17 10:18

Mooie dame , mooie borsten en lekker poesje !stierke

Jps - 11 Jan '17 23:11

Heb geen gek haar gezien hoor. Was denk ik afgeleid door die prachtige ogen en heerlijke glimlach. Any Day Of The Week deze heerlijkerd!! Yummie!!