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Comments (7)

Zwarte Piet - 31 Mar '24 09:23

Stella, eitje tikken?

Klaas - 31 Mar '24 10:02

Lekker wijf

Mrme - 31 Mar '24 12:13

K ga wel op zoek waar zij haar eitjes gelaten heeft… zalig Pasen!

Goodman - 31 Mar '24 18:00

For those who enjoy Stella, she has a YouTube channel.

Overalvoorin - 31 Mar '24 19:40

Ik zou wel tussen haar eitjes willen liggen.

GC - 01 Apr '24 18:37

She has the most beautiful engaging eyes that make her whole face smile and sparkle. She has that extra factor on the cute scales !!

LifeasidesQuestionReflectionEmotion - 07 Apr '24 05:12

In the down under sparkles spread around sometimes straight in the face ending mind to the turn Ladder Leader speakless


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