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Mrme - 02 Apr '24 08:07

Zo’n dame als ik niet over de in badkamer / sauna

GC - 02 Apr '24 09:18

Shame about the terrible false eyelashes, it spoils a pretty face for me, but the rest of her is rather lovely.

Gentle - 02 Apr '24 10:41

@GC, a blind man would like to see the false eyelashes. It does suit her.

Jeroen - 02 Apr '24 11:17

Lekker hoor. Ze mag zo op mij komen zitten.

Zwarte Piet - 02 Apr '24 12:08

Die is weer lekker man.

Mike Litoris - 02 Apr '24 14:10

To the very talented photographer who photographed here:

In that whole house, the only place where you could take pictures was the toilet?!?
The only object that could be used as a decoration or background, was the toilet bowl?!?
Look for another job!!! Here you are dust!!!

Mike Litoris - 02 Apr '24 14:14

Otherwise, the girl is beautiful and well proportioned.

reiker - 02 Apr '24 14:22

Mike Litoris - 02 Apr '24 14:10
Are you Russian, Mike? ))))))

Tail Gunner - 02 Apr '24 19:54

Slutty hot, I like her. Didn't notice the recurring toilet until Mike mentioned it.

Joe Biden - 02 Apr '24 22:40

I hou van Russische meiden!!


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